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Device Malfunctions & Patch Issues

Device Malfunctions & Patch Issues

Our devices are state of the art and unlikely to have malfunctions. However, any electronic device can develop issues and we want to address that immediately so you stay in compliance.

If you feel that your device is malfunctioning, not charging, or having other issues, call Kay (910-859-1150) or Maggie (910-640-2318) immediately so we can log the issue. You can even call us in the middle of the night if you have to.

DO NOT attempt to tinker with a malfunctioning device. Do not try chargers other than the one supplied by our office. Do not charge while you are sleeping. Remember that not all devices are waterproof. Do not, under any circumstances, remove the device. You will be charged for damages AND you may be out of compliance with a court order.

If we cannot troubleshoot the problem via phone, we will either have you come to our office or meet you at home (if you are on house arrest). If you come to the office, it’s imperative that you bring ALL equipment, including chargers.

If you are wearing a drug testing patch and the adhesive wears out before your patch is due to removed, call us. We can often come up with a solution! Allergic reactions and skin sensitivity to this product are extremely rare. If you develop any irritation or itchiness at the patch site, give us a call so we can consult with the manufacturer to see if we can find a solution. We will also document your situation so that you remain in compliance, even if the manufacturer recommends removing the patch and shifting to a blood or urine-based analysis for testing.