SeaHawk Solutions
Make A Payment

Make A Payment

Call Kay at 910-859-1150 to arrange payment.

TERMS: Payment for services is due on or before the 3rd of every month. Payment must be made IN ADVANCE for services, for the entire month*. Non-payment will be reported to the courts, which could cause your bond to be revoked without refund for failing to comply with a court order. 

Clients or Cosigners may pay via credit card, debit card, money order, or cash. Courts and attorneys may pay via official check. 

Initial credit/debit card payments MUST be done IN PERSON and WITH VALID ID and an authorization form must be filled out. Automatic Debit is preferred. A new form must be filled out any time a new card is used. 

Cash and Money Order payments must be done in person with an authorized SeaHawk Solutions agent (who may be different from your bondsman). A receipt will be given. 

* In the event that a GPS or SCRAM ankle bracelet is only used for part of the month, we will promptly refund your unused days upon removal of the device.