SeaHawk Solutions
Who Do We Serve?

Who Do We Serve?

We serve courts, attorneys, and private citizens.

Courts offer low-level defendants a bail bond with one of our digital monitoring services to ensure court attendance and public safety. For higher level offenders, a bail bond coupled with a GPS monitor further ensures safety and accountability through enhanced services like geofencing and curfews. We also offer drug and alcohol solutions.

Because pre-trial defendants are on bond with a licensed bail agent, and monitoring services are court ordered, defendants who fail to comply with requirements will be quickly returned to jail at no cost to the taxpayers.

Post-conviction, services can continue under court order for house arrest, no contact orders, sex offenders, repeat DUI’s, and similar offenders.

Criminal, Family, and Juvenile law attorneys utilize our services for a variety of reasons. When an accusation has been made, our drug patches, alcohol monitors, and GPS tracking can demonstrate either innocence or compliance with court orders and family safety plans. We treat your clients with utmost respect and confidentiality at all times.

Even private citizens utilize our services, often for young people who are working through challenging addiction issues, or for mentally ill or elderly family members who may be prone to wander.